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Yoga Workshops

Below is a list of current yoga workshops lined up over the coming months.


Unity Partner Yoga 

Next workshop will be in Jan 2019

Full details coming soon!





What is Partner Yoga?

Parnter yoga is a complete yoga practice where we work with another person or more at the same time. We practice postures, meditation, relaxation and basic massage techniques helping each other stretch and relax in a supportive way.

One of the things I love about parnter yoga is the deeper stretch you can find in postures when you are supported by another person,  you can really let go into a pose when you know someone is there helping you and guiding you into it.

It also helps to build better communication, a big part of the practice is talking with your partner making sure they feel safe, happy and comfortable in the poses. In turn this helps us to build confidence in ourselves and each other sometimes then being able to achieve postures that we may have though were unavailable to us.

This really is a fun, nurturing, creative and connecting practice and is open to everyone, there are options for all levels and abilities.

We will start the afternoon with a solo practice to get the body warmed up, then we will partner up for postures and simple thai massage techniques we will end the session with a long relaxation and tea and cake!



How Yoga works

  • Saturday 25th February  2017
  • 10am to 1pm
  • Haven Wellbeing Hub, Wokingham
  • £25

You can book here


A Photo of a Yoga Workshop


Would you like to delve a little deeper into your yoga practice and learn about why yoga makes you feel so good and how it works? If you do, come and join me for this 3 hour workshop where you will learn why we do certain practices and what effect they have on our bodies.

Full details to follow shortly…..


When the breath wanders the mind is also unsteady.
But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still,
and the yogi achieves long life.
Therefore one should learn to control the breath.

Hath Yoga Pradapika


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