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Yoga With Katie

Private Yoga and 1-2-1 Sessions

My main passion is teaching private clients on a 1-2-1 basis or in small groups so I can create bespoke tailor made classes for each individual.

Why choose 1-2-1 over a group class?

There are many reasons people choose a private session and there are many benefits, here are just a few

  • Helps to increase your confidence in your already existing practice
  • Feels safer than a group class if you are new to yoga
  • You receive a tailor made practice giving you exactly what you need every time you practice
  • Focus on your personal goals and needs
  • Gives you time to focus on yourself

What to expect in a 1-2-1 session

  • In the Initial session a personal health history will be taken and I will take time to get to know you and your specific needs.
  • We always start with check in, a chat to see how you are feeling in body and mind, finding out what is going on with you and what you need from you practice on that day.
  • I then tailor a practice to you needs that will include, movement, postures, breathwork, mudras, affirmations and meditation.
  • The session will always end with guided relaxation.
  • If needed I will suggest things to do at home inbetween sessions

Where are these sessions held?

These sessions can be held at:

  • My lovely little studio in Hurst, Berkshire
  • In your home
  • Via Zoom


I offer a free 15 minute chat either by phone or via Zoom to anyone who is interested in booking, contact me to book your free session.