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Yoga With Katie

Yoga for Womens Health

What is Yoga for Women’s Health?

It is recognising that as women we live within a cycle and through our lives we go through many rites of passage from menarche to menopause.

To help ourselves thrive we can tune in with this cycle and adapt our lives and yoga practice for each phase.  We can come to learn about our inner seasons and recognise when we are feeling each one and work with that energy and adapt our yoga practice to that season.

The Inner seasons

Inner Spring – our playful, creative phase associated with the pre-ovulation phase of the cycle and where our energy is rising.

Inner Summer – our ‘Wonder Women’ phase where we have our fullest energy and feel we can get everything done and more, this is linked to the ovulation phase

Inner Autumn – Often a phase many women struggle with, our energy starts to lower and out focus goes inward, this is link to the PMT or luteal phase of the cycle and also perimenopause

Inner Winter – a time of deep rest, hibernation, the bleed phase of the cycle, or if we don’t bleed a time where we may feel inwardly quiet and in time of re-charging and resting.


Who is it for?

  • Any women who would like to support their health whether they have a menstrual cycle or for any reason does not have one anymore.
  • Any women who has a menstrual cycle who would like to be more in tune with it.
  • If you experience any problems with your cycle such as heavy periods, pmt symptoms, endometriosis, pcos etc
  • Perimenopausal women who are in need of extra help and support
  • Any woman looking for support from other women

I offer a Free 15 min chat to anyone who would like to find out more please contact me today to make an appointment.