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Yoga With Katie

About Katie

image I have been practicing yoga since my early 20’s. Now in my 40’s, I am still grateful everyday that yoga came into my life.

Years ago I suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks. Yoga has been one of the main factors of learning how to manage both of these conditions. I enjoy helping others on their path of self healing by promoting and teaching mindfulness as part of the practice.

The very first yoga class I went to I realised I had just experienced something very special and wanted more of it. I have continued to go to classes ever since. I practice different styles and enjoy learning from a variety of teachers.

In recent years I have been focusing on studying Yoga for Women’s Health and now enjoy and share my passion for yoga for the menstrual cycle, perimenopausepregnancy and post natal women.


My journey to Yoga for Women’s Health

I had always suffered with painful, heavy periods and extreme pmt then in my 30’s had major surgery to remove fibroids.

I had never felt supported with any of this and very often told it was ‘normal’ to suffer with my cycle.

I am so happy to have found there is a way you can support yourself and your cycle and feel I now privileged to be able to share this information with other women who would like to embrace their cycles and learn how to work with them through different yoga practices, journalling and support.